AN American eco-activist held crunch talks with carbon neutral companies in Colchester ahead of a sold-out performance at a town centre venue.

Reverend Billy met-up with Together We Grow and ECargo Bikes on Wednesday before his Earth Riot 21 show at Colchester Arts Centre.

Together We Grow aims to improve the lives of communities through nature while ECargo Bikes is Colchester’s first electric cargo bike delivery and collection service.

The New York environmental campaigner is currently embarking on a carbon neutral UK tour and his carbon footprint is being offset by the two schemes.

Chelmsford Weekly News:

Following the climate change discussions, fittingly held during COP26, the Reverend and his singers filled the historic arts venue with joyful and radical music.

He will now travel through other areas of the country meeting with other eco-activists before concluding his tour in Glasgow before the last few days of COP26.

Reverend Billy said: “If COP26 does its job there will be no need for a COP27. But will it?

“The earth is facing total environmental crisis, extinction is real, extinction is nearly here.

“The choir shall be singing for the Earth and the radical action that our beloved planet now requires.”