SHOWBIZ seasiders were given front-row seats as soap stars and television crews filmed for future episodes of EastEnders at a holiday park.

Jessie Wallace, Steve McFadden and Letitia Dean shot scenes at Hutley’s Caravan Park in St Osyth.

Their appearance at the resort complex came a day after they were spotted shooting on the beach near the Sailor Boy pub.

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The trio of actors play Kat Slater, Phil Mitchell and Sharon Watts and are some of the long-running show’s biggest characters.

They were seen surrounded by a team of camera operators, producers and assistants who were keen to keep the storyline under wraps.

Some residents on the site, however, believe the cast were shooting segments of the programme’s highly-anticipated Christmas episodes.

Chelmsford Weekly News:

EastEnders superfan Barbie Pithers, 51, who has been staying at the park, was delighted to see the production set-up directly in front of her caravan.

She said: “It is exciting and interesting, they have a lot of people here but when you are sitting there watching it you do not think about how much goes into it.

“I knew they were filming it yesterday on the beach but I heard they would be here today, so I thought I would stay here and have a front row seat.

“I think they are filming for Christmas so I will definitely be watching it on Christmas Day.”

Chelmsford Weekly News:

Kevin Reynolds, 53, has been staying at his mum’s caravan on the site.

Although not an avid EastEnders follower, the air conditioning engineer was keen to check out the production.

He said: “I saw online last night they had been here but then I came out for a walk this morning and I didn’t realise they were still here.

“I have worked quite a lot in studios, including Abbey Road, so I have seen a lot of stars in my time.

“So, I just thought I would come and get some fresh air and be nosey, so I been watching them filming.

“My wife and I have not watched EastEnders for about six years but my mum is really invested in it, but she went home with my dad yesterday before they actually started filming.

“I cannot wait to show her the photos and videos I have taken of the actors.”

Chelmsford Weekly News:

Ros Tysom, 68, watched the actors film scenes from the balcony of her sister’s caravan.

“I don’t watch EastEnders much anymore, but I used to and I still catch the odd episode,” she said.

“It is really interested though to see how it is filmed and comes together and is made.

“We found out about it yesterday so I thought I would come over to my sister’s caravan to watch.

“I feel sorry for the actors actually having to keep repeating the scenes over and over again - I did not realise how much hard work it was.

“My granddaughter watches it avidly, so I am taking lots of photos for her.”

Ros’ sister, Janet Triggs, 63, whose caravan was positioned only a stone’s throw away from the film set, was excited by the television stars.

She added: “It makes the day interesting.”