A new flyover will not be built over a notoriously busy Chelmsford roundabout after bosses announced their preferred options to ease traffic levels.

Essex Highways says either a T-junction or a ‘hamburger’ roundabout will be installed at the Army and Navy.

It has launched a new consultation on the proposals to improve traffic coming to the roundabout from the A1060 and A1114.

The hamburger roundabout would have a road running right through the middle of it to allow traffic traveling on the two roads to head straight through the junction, rather than round it.

Chelmsford Weekly News: How the 'hamburger' roundabout would lookHow the 'hamburger' roundabout would look

The second option being considered would see a series of T-junctions set up at the Army and Navy.

Chelmsford Weekly News: How the T-junctions would lookHow the T-junctions would look

Bosses say funding is being sought for the project and insist something must be done to improve traffic flow at the junction, as well make it easier for pedestrians and cyclists.

Other ideas being considered to ease traffic is increasing the Sandon park and ride site by 350 spaces, as well as setting up a third park and ride site near the city. 

The Army and Navy was previously served by a flyover for several decades until it was torn down earlier this year due to safety concerns. 

Why is a new flyover not being considered?

Bosses insist a new flyover would be too large and too expensive. 

They also say it would take too long to build - thus having a longer impact on traffic, business and the general economy in Chelmsford for longer. 

Plans to encourage people to cycle and walk around Chelmsford could also be undermined Essex Highways says by a new flyover which would encourage drivers to head straight into the city centre. 

Chelmsford Weekly News: The expanded park and ride site at SandonThe expanded park and ride site at Sandon

What's the consultation about?

Residents and business owners are asked to give their views on the proposals by October, 

Views can be submitted via an online form. 

An online exhibition is available on the Essex Highways website, while a series of webchats, webcasts and drop-in events will be staged between now and October. 

For more information, visit essexhighways.org