Ofsted inspects and rates all state schools across England to judge the quality of education pupils are receiving.

According to the latest ratings, seven schools and nurseries in Chelmsford have been rated as 'outstanding'.

Here is a list of all the schools that have been given the rating in the city. 

Chelmsford Hospital School

The independent school was rated outstanding across the board at its last inspection in January 2020. 

The report said: "Staff painstakingly build relationships with pupils, which develops trust and increases pupils’ involvement in education.

"Teachers plan activities linked to pupils’ needs and interests, so that pupils quickly grow in confidence and start to establish routines.

"Pupils study the work they need to so that they can either start to catch up or at least not fall further behind. Pupils regain confidence and learn how to learn again. They flourish in the supportive and nurturing environment.

"It helps them emerge from a dark place and start to rebuild their lives. They are extremely well prepared for the next stage of their recovery."

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Tanglewood Nursery School

The nursery school was rated outstanding across the board at its last inspection in July 2019. 

The report said: "The teaching, support and guidance that children receive are of an extremely high standard and enable them to make excellent progress in all areas of their learning.

"Leaders have high expectations of what children can achieve. These aspirations are shared by all the adults, who work very well as a team to plan, support and challenge each child as an individual."

Columbus School and College

The school was found to continue to be outstanding during a 'short inspection' back in September 2017. 

The report said: "The leadership team has maintained the outstanding quality of education in the school since the last inspection.

"Your deep commitment to the school is reflected in the exceptional support you provide for the pupils and their families throughout their time with you.

"Your strong track record of success means that you are held in high esteem by other schools and by the local authority.

"Pupils are at the heart of what staff do each day and are always put first."

Beehive Lane Community Primary School

The school was rated oustanding across the board at an inspection back in 2016. 

The report said: "Pupils’ behaviour is exemplary. Pupils are polite, well-mannered and confident.

"They cooperate very well with each other in lessons and play very successfully together during breaktimes.

"Pupils feel safe at school and are taught successfully how to keep themselves safe. They feel free from bullying and have absolute faith in the ability of staff to help them if there was ever a problem.

"Pupils show excellent attitudes to learning. They are very keen to learn and understand the value of a good education."

Chancellor Park Primary School

The school was rated oustanding across the board at an inspection back in 2016. 

The report said: "The quality of teaching over time is consistently good and often outstanding.

"Teachers plan learning that is interesting and highly stimulating. Adults help pupils develop skills and abilities beyond those expected for their age.

"Pupils are safe and well looked after at school. Parents fully agree. Most parents appreciate and understand how well their children are taught and the progress that they make in their learning."

Thriftwood School

The school was rated oustanding across the board at an inspection back in 2017. 

The report said: "Pupils receive outstanding personalised learning and support. This ensures that they make excellent progress towards their individual targets.

"The curriculum is creative and inspiring. Topics and enrichment activities stimulate curiosity and promote pupils’ interest in learning.

"Parents and carers are overwhelmingly supportive of the school and fully appreciate the excellent progress their children make."

Galleywood Infant School

The school was rated outstanding in 2011. A monitoring inspection took place in 2017 amid concerns about a decline in standards but no new rating was recorded. 

The report from the 2017 visit said: "Observations of teaching and learning, pupils’ work and pupil progress information demonstrate that teachers provide effective challenge for pupils in their learning.

"The results for 2017 show that pupils achieving at the higher standards in reading, writing and mathematics exceeded national expectations, and pupils who were disadvantaged made better progress than other pupils in the school.

"You have created a strong safeguarding culture at the school. Procedures for staff to report concerns are clear and leaders follow up incidents swiftly. Your commitment to pupils’ well-being permeates the school."