Houses based near to outstanding schools in Chelmsford are selling for up to £50,000 more than the average house price in the city.

Analysis carried out by leading online estate agent Purplebricks has found that Broomfield is becoming increasingly popular because it is the catchment area for the King Edward VI grammar school (KEGS) and the Chelmsford County High School for girls.

Both have been rated ‘outstanding’ by watchdog Ofsted.

Purplebricks says the majority of houses in Broomfield are being sold above the asking price.

Chris Thompson, Purplebricks Local Property Expert for Chelmsford said: “The fantastic thing about Chelmsford is the overall high standards of schooling.

“Broomfield is an incredibly popular area as it is within the locality of two Ofsted Outstanding secondary school academies.

“We have recently seen a huge surge in demand for family homes around the area and this has resulted in unbelievable price increases, with properties commanding an average of £50,000 more than those that fall outside the catchment area.”

Chris says the average house price in Broomfield is £400,000 and one recent sale in the area climbed £32,000 above that because it was within walking distance of one of the outstanding schools.

His top tips for families hoping to buy in the Broomfield area are:

  • Most vendors feel empathy with those who are buying their property. Show them that you are very interested in the property and let them know that it is going to be your family home and the location for your children’s education is really important.
  • Be quick and don’t make any unreasonable offers. With the demand the way that it is, honesty is the best option, as you don’t want to waste time negotiating.
  • Properties are going above and beyond asking price so make sure you have sorted out your finances, particularly if you need a mortgage, so that you can move quickly.

Chris added: “As a whole, the demand for Chelmsford has gone through the roof and the schooling has been a huge pull.

“People are leaving London due to being able to work remotely and getting more property for their money.

“Good schools is one of the primary reasons Chelmsford is now the go to area.

“People are sitting and waiting for properties in specific outstanding school areas to come to market, and even when they cost more than properties in other areas they will sell straight away.”