A MAN who strangled his grandmother in her own bed after smashing the door down failed to turn up for his trial or sentencing hearing.

Barney Randall, 31, was cleared of attempted murder and attempting to cause grievous bodily harm after a trial at Ipswich Crown Court.

But he was convicted of causing criminal damage, assault and possession of a knife after launching an attack at his grandmother’s home in Broomfield, Chelmsford.

He was due to be sentenced at the same court yesterday, but refused to attend.

He also failed to attend each day of his trial, which proceeded in his absence.

Prosecutor Joe Bird said the attack, which unfolded in November 2019, was only stopped when the victim managed to scream for help and her son rushed to her aid.

Mr Bird highlighted passages of her victim statement, which detail the impact the assault has had on her life.

He said: “One particularly poignant line is where she says if she does hear a noise, she is left wondering whether it is Mr Randall coming back to finish the job to use her words.”

Randall, of Saxon Way, Broomfield, has remained in custody since November 2019.

Judge Emma Peters said while she acknowledged he had failed to cooperate with psychiatric and probation reports, she still needed more information before sentencing Randall.

Mr Bird also invited Judge Peters to deem Randall to be a dangerous offender, which could lead to an extended prison sentence.

Judge Peters said the fact he had strangled his own grandmother despite the fact she had given him “sanctuary” and support for more than year suggested Randall must have some mental health “vulnerabilities”.

“The fact he strangled her, put his hands around her neck while saying the things he did, is deeply disturbing,” she said.

Judge Peters adjourned the case until a hearing on September 2, to allow for an updated victim impact statement to be taken and for further probation reports to be carried out.