A POPULAR Chelmsford park is set to become an official designated nature reserve.

Admirals Park in the city will be registered as a Local Nature Reserve on Natural England's national register, Chelmsford Council has confirmed.

The decision was made at a cabinet meeting on Tuesday.

Local Nature Reserves are places with wildlife or geological features which are of special interest locally, offering people opportunities to study or learn about nature or simply to enjoy it.

The change doesn't impact on the public's use of the park but will give it added protect.

The declaration comes as part of the City Council’s Climate and Ecological Emergency Action Plan and the Green Infrastructure Plan.

Chelmsford Weekly News: Admirals Park in Chelmsford made a Local Nature Reserve. Picture: Chelmsford Council Admirals Park in Chelmsford made a Local Nature Reserve. Picture: Chelmsford Council

The Local Nature Reserve proposal was approved and validated by Natural England in December 2020.

The Council then held a consultation in February 2021 to get the public’s feedback on the idea.

The authority says the outcome of the consultation was overwhelmingly positive.

In March 2021, a letter from Natural England was received inviting the council to make its formal declaration.

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Jane Houghton, a Senior Adviser for Natural England said in her letter to Chelmsford City Council: “Protecting this site and its habitats will allow it to continue to be used and valued by local people for recreation and enjoyment of the natural environment.”

Rose Moore, councillor responsible for greener and Safer Chelmsford, said: “I must pay tribute to the Parks team for managing the space with a focus on preserving nature over several years, as there is a vital need for connected habitats.

"We aspire to see more local areas, and especially urban areas in Chelmsford, declared as Local Nature Reserves in the future.”

Find out more about Admirals Park, and more of Chelmsford’s green spaces on the Love Your Chelmsford website here.