McFly drummer Harry Judd left fans worried after slicing his finger during an episode of Cooking With The Stars. 

The Chelmsford-born star was appearing on the first episode which aired last night. 

The show sees eight famous faces paired with an accomplished chef who will mentor them towards becoming restaurant-standard cooks.

The mentors will then become judges, rating the other celebrity contestants, with the bottom two at risk of leaving the competition.

This eliminator round will be decided by a blind testing from the chefs, in which they may unknowingly turn on their mentee.

Harry has been partnered with food writer and restaurant owner Nisha Katona. 

But within minutes of starting a head to head challenge with Johnny Vegas disaster struck. 

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The drummer was left in agony after slicing the top of his finger with a knife. 

Blood could be seen on the worktops as medics helped stem the bleeding and treat the wound. 

The star managed to make light of the situation but admitted "it wasn’t pretty."

He said: "I had to wear a plastic glove for the rest of the cook off, and when I took it off, it was filled with blood."

And fans were left worried by the injury. 

One said: "Can’t believe that @mcflyharry sliced a chunk out of his finger so early on the show. Hope Harry's finger is okay now and he did really well cooking the first dish."

Another said: "I thought I was was watching a bloody TV Drama, when Harry was bleeding out #CookingWithTheStars."