This hilarious CCTV footage captured the moment a mischievous pooch fell through a hedge – after climbing on it in a bid to reach an old slice of burnt toast.

Cheeky cockapoo Lola, aged four, attempted to use the 5ft hedge to climb onto the garden shed after sniffing out the bit of old toast which had ended up on its roof.

Shocked owner Justine Atterbury, 48, came home to find the hedge badly damaged and initially blamed her clumsy dalmatian Ruby, aged 13.

But when she watched the hilarious CCTV back, she saw the mystery culprit was Lola and said she couldn’t stop laughing as she watched her clamber through the hedge.

Mum-of-two Justine said she wasn’t surprised supper sniffer Lola could smell the ‘manky’ bit of burnt toast – but was shocked by the lengths she went to get it.

Justine, from Chelmsford, Essex, said: "We've got a big hedge in the garden and came home on Monday (June 28) night and saw it had almost been pushed apart.

"So we blamed it on our dalmatian Ruby, as she is a clumsy thing.

"Then when I looked at CCTV, I saw it wasn't Ruby, but was in fact Lola, our cockapoo.

"She managed to sniff a bit of toast that was sitting on the top of our shed, so she launched herself through our hedge to try and climb up to the toast.

"She disappears at one point as the hedge gives way.

"She didn't get toast, but we solved the mystery of the hedge.

"It also explains why when she came in from the garden one night she was absolutely filthy.

"I don't know where the toast came from, probably my daughter who burnt it and threw it there.

"I just couldn't stop laughing, I was amazed that she has actually done it.

"I wasn't surprised that she smelt the toast, but I was surprised she was so desperate for this bit of manky toast.

"She loves toast though, she notices when any is left in the kitchen and she sniffs in the air.

"Lola is exceedingly cheeky and has a really good sense of smell.

"She does things that other dogs don't think of doing".