ANGRY residents of a residential area in Chelmsford have launched a campaign to stop County Hall making their neighbourhood "un-liveable".

Essex County Council is working on plans to revamp the city to improve walking and cycling opportunities as part of its Safer, Greener, Healthier scheme.

One of the plans will see Old Moulsham, a residential area, split into four as the council bids to create a "liveable neighbourhood".

Residents of the area have hit out at the plans and called them "un-liveable".

They want County Hall to stop the ongoing consultation, labelling it confusing and biased.

Residents claim the plans will disproportionately affect women, elderly residents and those residents with disabilities, and are demanding all residents are given a voice.

A petition has already gained 1,500 signatures.

Nick Marley, spokesperson for the group commented: “We are calling on Essex County Council to pause and re-think the current plans.

"The current proposal assumes that all residents have the same travel patterns, physical ability to walk or cycle and equal access to different modes of transport.

"In its current form, it actively discriminates against women who are more likely to combine a series of small trips that are complex such as school runs, care responsibilities, work, kids clubs and buying household essentials, as well as the elderly and those with a physical impairment for whom active travel is often not an option.

"The majority of residents support cycling and walking, as evidenced by people choosing to live in Old Moulsham which is conveniently located close to the train station and City Centre.

"We are concerned that these plans do little to encourage walking and cycling but instead simply make driving difficult when there is no alternative.”

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The planned changes will see Old Moulsham residents currently driving between the proposed quarters forced on to already congested arterial roads and junctions, such as Princes Road, the Army and Navy roundabout, Moulsham St, Parkway and New London Road.

Mr Marley added: “There is considerable concern the proposal will force more vehicles on to the heavily congested Army and Navy junction adding to the traffic which tails back to our local colleges, primary and infants schools, increasing emissions, reducing air quality for our younger people.”

The group encourages residents and businesses of Old Moulsham to take part in the consultation process and sign the separate petition, specifying the importance of completing it per person not per household.

An Essex Highways spokesperson said: “Our ambition is to make Essex a destination for walking and cycling – a safer, greener, healthier place.

"Chelmsford has one of the highest levels of walking and cycling in the county but if we’re to ease congestion, improve air quality, health and wellbeing and tackle climate change, we all need to do more.

“A Chelmsford Steering Group was set up last year to help shape walking and cycling proposals and the group included local representatives.

"Now we want to hear from the wider public and ECC welcome all input – positive and negative – and look forward to hearing residents views and suggestions.

"We are committed to listening and working with residents to achieving safer greener healthier neighbourhoods.

“We have extended the public consultation to the July 11 to give people additional time to comment and the survey includes lots of free text boxes to allow individuals to add their additional input.

“In addition, Essex County Council will be holding a virtual event on the 21st June and an in person roadshow on the 24th June to allow us to listen to residents’ concerns and answer any questions. [dates correct at time of going to press].

“For those not able to attend an event, or access the consultation online, hard copies are available. Please ring 0345 743 0430 to request a copy.

“As well as the feedback from the crucial public consultation and these events, ECC will also be gathering input from focus groups and where applicable, resident workshops and traffic counts. Once ECC have analysed all this feedback we will hold further engagement events in late Summer / early Autumn.

“We would encourage anyone with views on the proposals to respond directly to the consultation or to attend one of our events which will be run in line with covid 19 guidance.”

You can respond to the consultation at

The petition can be found at