Petrol prices have hit a two-year high – just as coronavirus restrictions on travel have lifted.

A litre of fuel costs an average of £1.28 at UK forecourts, Government figures show.

It has not been that expensive since August 2019, according to analysis by the PA news agency.

Diesel costs an average of £1.32 per litre, which is an amount not seen since January 2020.

Fuel sank to as low as £1.05 per litre of petrol and £1.12 per litre of diesel in May 2020, when the global shutdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic led to a collapse in the value of oil.

The cost of filling up a typical 55-litre petrol family car has since risen by around £13, while a full tank of diesel is approximately £11 more.

Most motorists were unable to take advantage of the low prices in spring last year due to travel restrictions, and are now being hit in the wallet now pandemic measures have been eased.

But there are some places in Chelmsford where you can get fuel at a cheaper rate than the national average.

Below is a list of all the latest prices listed on the Petrol Prices website as of June 2.

Data is not available for all service stations in the area, but here are the 10 least expensive places to fill up that were listed:

Sainsbury’s, White Hart Lane

 Unleaded – 123.9p

Diesel – 124.9p

Chelmsford Service Station, Main Road

Unleaded – 125.8p

Diesel – 128.8p

Tesco, Princes Road

Unleaded – 125.9p

Diesel – 126.9p

Esso, Waterhouse Lane

Unleaded – 127.9p

Diesel – 131.9p

Esso, Princes Road

Unleaded – 127.9p

Diesel – 129.9p

BP, Roxwell Road

Unleaded – 127.9p

Diesel – 131.9p

Shell, Eagle Way

Unleaded – 129.8p

Diesel – 131.9p

Prestons Garage, Lordship Road

Unleaded – 129.9p

BP, Colchester Road

Unleaded – 130.9p

Diesel – 133.9p

Shell, Stock Road

Unleaded – 131.9p

Diesel – 133.9p