A PASSIONATE filmmaker took his camera out for a spin on the ice as he filmed a spontaneous skating session.

Ryan Grant, 29, is an avid videographer, recording videos on a whim and turning them into documentaries of the activities he gets up to in his everyday life.

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When temperatures dipped to below zero this month, he decided to don his ice skates and travel to the waters near the rugby pitches in Heybridge to do a bit of skating.

As the water had frozen solid, he had managed to film a whole morning of skating which he then edited down into a short film titled ‘Thin Ice’.

He said: “I filmed this Saturday morning next to the rugby club.

“I just love creating media and it seemed like a perfect short video to make.

“The deepest the ice went was about two feet - really no danger at all in my eye.

“I went back on Sunday and my skate went through the ice.

“I tripped over but as long as you know how to fall, you're golden.”

“Was it fun? Yes, absolutely. I’ve been ice skating since I was a teenager.

“I'm still using the same skates I was using back then.

“I’ve never skated on a natural body of water before, it’s usually only riverside ice skating.”