A CONCERNED resident and furious campaigner fears a fresh planning application could “open the flood gates” for hundreds of homes but not much else if it is approved.

Harding Estates’ blueprints for the Harwich Valley complex, on land between the A120 and Stour Close, in Dovercourt, were given the go ahead by Tendring Council in 2015.

The development is supposed to include 297 homes, along with a six-screen cinema, supermarket with petrol station, and 63-bed hotel.

The plans also portrayed a desire to build a pub, shops, restaurants, drive-thrus and business units and was set to create more than 1,000 jobs.

The promises of prosperity are said to have been one the main reasons council official gave the initially proposal the green light.

But then the developers lodged a new planning application with the authority asking to build the houses before anything else.

They now want to build 80 dwellings prior to the completion of associated highway works and improvements, which includes a new roundabout off the A120.

Christine Holmes, of Stour Close, has been opposed to the ambitious development since it was first approved by Tendring Council.

She now fears if the developers’ latest proposal is granted, and they are allowed to build before a new roundabout is installed, the only access to the site will become her front garden.

She is also concerned an approval now will ultimately result in them being given the go ahead to build all of the houses before the rest of complex’s infrastructure.

“There are attempts by the developer to only build housing on the site,” she said.

“This could open the flood gates to build all 297 dwellings as originally proposed using Stour Close as the only access.

“They are trying to do this by stealth development.

“Harwich needs more jobs not more housing putting pressure on local and overstretched services,” added an incensed Christine.

“We need the jobs which were promised and improvements to infrastructure.”

Harding Estates has been contacted for comment.

Tendring Council will have the final say over any applications.