Police have issued fines to people who travelled 45 miles for their fast-food fix.

Essex Police’s Rural Engagement Team tweeted to say it had issued four fines to the culprits, who were also having a chat with people from another household when they were caught.

Under lockdown rules, people can only leave their home for work, healthcare, essential shopping or exercise.

The rural engagement team said it had also dished out four fines to people who had met up with a group of friends in a car.

Officers tweeted: “It is with regret that four fixed penalty notices have been issued by the team in rural Essex today.

"Meeting a group of friends in a car miles from home is not allowed. Please stay safe."

At the start of the lockdown in early January, Essex Police said it would continue to engage with residents before taking enforcement action against those breaking the rules.

A spokesman said: “With regards to how Essex Police plans to enforce the regulations and why it is important to ensure residents are following the rules, our position remains the same as it has always been.


“Essex Police will continue to use the same common-sense approach to the regulations that we’ve had throughout the pandemic – we’ll engage with people, explain the regulations, and encourage them to do the right thing.

“Where reasoned conversation has not been successful we will take enforcement action.

“We will also continue to respond to clear and blatant breaches of the regulations in order to protect and serve the county and take enforcement action when that occurs.”