OFFICERS have jokingly encouraged suspected drug dealers to pop by Colchester Police Station to claim their stash of seized substances.

Essex Police received reports from an unknown councillor sometime yesterday afternoon about a suspicious vehicle which they had spotted.

The local representative was concerned the large white car may have been being used as a ‘mobile office’ for dealing drugs in the area.

Colchester officers attended the scene and after carrying out several checks they discovered the vehicle was boasting illegal number plates which had been cloned.

Chelmsford Weekly News:

It then transpired that the car was in fact stolen from an address in London back in September last year and also harbouring drugs as first suspected.

The unknown quantity of illegal substances was immediately seized by the police officers, who have now urged the owners of which to come forward.

In a humorous statement posted on the force’s social media page a spokesman said: “Are these your drugs? Do you want them back?

“Pop into Colchester police station with proof of ownership and we will... make arrangements for you to wait in our exclusive custody suite. while we sort out the paperwork.

“If you do not fancy coming into the station, I'm sure we will manage to get some DNA or fingerprints and will catch up with you soon.

“Our custody suite might not have great ratings on TripAdvisor or Google, but each stay does come with a complimentary all-day breakfast and your choice of several magazines from the late 1990's.

“Also included are free shuttle services to court.”