A GANG of thugs broke into a home armed with machetes and hammers before spraying a substance in a man’s face and beating him.

Three men wearing balaclavas allegedly forced their way into a property in Epping Close, Clacton, at 8pm on Tuesday.

Once inside, having kicked down the door, the trio of crooks was confronted by a man who they left temporarily blinded after spraying liquid in his face.

The man’s wife, who was shaken by the incident, said her husband was then pushed into a corner by the men and threatened with weapons.

Speaking anonymously, she said: “He was not even meant to be there, so I obviously do not think it was my husband they wanted.

“They kicked him and threatened him with the machete and kept spraying him with this acid and then left the scene before anyone turned up.

“I panicked when I heard what had happened and he had only left me ten minutes beforehand.”

After the attack, the man’s wife said the police were called and he was taken to Colchester Hospital for treatment but has now returned home.

Chelmsford Weekly News:

In photographs taken after the attack, which have been seen by the Gazette, the man’s face can be seen stained with a yellow substance.

The images also show him struggling to open his eyes and sections of skin on his eyelids appear to be singed and sore.

His wife added: “He has been lucky because it could have been much worse.

“His eyes and mouth are burnt, but I think he will be OK.

“The police are now involved so I am hoping they catch those responsible because they are absolute scumbags.”

The shocking attack comes days after a 22-year-old was also sprayed with an unknown substance in Clacton and assaulted.


A spokesman for Essex Police said: "We are investigating following an incident Clacton where a man was assaulted by three people who broke into an address there.

"It happened in Epping Close at around 8pm on Tuesday 12 January.

"It is not believed anything was taken during the incident but it was reported a man inside the address was assaulted and had a noxious substance sprayed in his face.

"If you have any information about the incident please call us on 101 quoting incident 1140 of 12 January or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111."