UNHAPPY seasiders have hit out at careless and selfish rubbish dumpers for leaving a “terrible mess” at a full-to-the-brim bottle bank.

Walton residents were sent into a frenzy after a photo was published online depicting an overflowing bottle bank in a car park behind the train station, in The Parade.

The shocking image shows hundreds of plastic and glass bottles left strewn in front of the three bins, which appeared to be filled to the top.

One resident, who lives a stone’s throw away from where the horrid horde of bottles were dumped, visited the bank on Saturday to dispose of her own rubbish.

She said: “It looked like the bins were full, so we found another bottle bank, it is not that hard to do is it?

“I think it is disgusting how people just leave their rubbish for others to pick up. If locals leave Walton like this then they cannot then complain if visitors leave a mess.

“I do think it needs highlighting because why should other people have to clear up after everyone else? I wonder now if it is actually locals.

“Can you imagine what these peoples’ houses are like? They are utter scumbags.”

Another resident, who spotted the awful mess, was concerned that the pile of waste could become a playground for rats and other ‘nuisance’ animals.

Speaking anonymously, he said: “My assumption was the rubbish was due to a long holiday break. It is a terrible mess and will probably encourage vermin.”

Michael Talbot, Tendring councillor responsible for environment, said the authority’s contractors had been alerted.

“We were made aware of this issue on the afternoon of Monday January 11, and have tasked our contractors to clear the site as a priority,” he said.

“We would remind bottle bank users that there is clear signage at each site which contains a contact number to report full banks, which will trigger a collection.

“This signage also clearly states that bottles should not be left on the ground, and doing so will be classed as fly-tipping. The waste may also not be recycled.

“If a bottle bank is full please report it, so that we know, and use a different site or come back once the banks have been emptied.”