A MIDWIFE delivered the perfect present when tiny Wynter Clarke came into the world – on Christmas Day.

And festive-sounding mum Holly wasn’t the only one celebrating - because midwife Lynne Oliver’s birthday is also December 25.

Holly was in labour for 12 hours before Wynter was born at Chelmsford’s Broomfield Hospital.

The tot was welcomed into the world by Holly, 26, dad Paul, 32, and one-year-old big sister Lottie.

It was only later that the couple found out midwife Lynne had just delivered her first Christmas baby on her own birthday.

Holly said: “When they told me, we were like ‘what?’”

The proud mum said the experience of giving birth during the pandemic was a strange one.

“It was really relaxed as it was Christmas Day and Paul got to stay with me, which was nice,” said Holly.

“There weren’t many people around so he was allowed.

“It was strange because we had to wear masks and I was allowed to take mine off when I went into full-blown labour.”

Little Lottie was only born last January and has spent almost half of her life in lockdown.

Holly said: “We weren’t allowed out at all and I was looking to bring up Lottie in a world of masks.

“Looking after Lottie while being pregnant was quite hard because it was scary to go out. But as long as we’re safe, we won’t worry.”

Paul and Holly had already decided on Wynter’s name before she was born.

“We had the name set before and it fitted well because of the winter and Christmas theme,” said Holly

“She is definitely the best Christmas present.”

Chelmsford Weekly News: Wynter Clarke, born Christmas 2020Wynter Clarke, born Christmas 2020

The family even made it back to their home in Anchorage View, in St Lawrence Bay in time for Christmas dinner.

Midwife Lynne said the whole experience was “extra special”.

She said: “It is always special to deliver a baby but it was extra special to deliver baby Wynter on Christmas Day.

“I feel privileged to share my birthday with her and it definitely made it a birthday to remember.

“I hope Holly and Paul enjoy celebrating with their family and new arrival.”