FESTIVAL organisers are hosting a number of live jazz, folk and blues performances throughout the winter months.

The Harwich Festival of Arts is kicking off its live shows on Friday at 8pm with renowned theatre singer and radio show host Andrew Robley.

During his career Robley has performed in front of the Queen and following the tragic death of Lady Diana, he appeared in the first tribute concert given for her.

The festival will also be running performances from starts of the jazz, folk, theatre and grassroots scenes including jazz duo Wendy Kirkland and Pat Sprakes, and west end star Kim Tatum.

The confirmed shows so far, which all start at 8pm, are for folk singer George Sandsome on Thursday December 10, Kim Tatum on Friday, December 18, as well as Wendy Kirkland and Pat Sprakes on Saturday, December 19.

Folk singers Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer will hold their concert on Saturday, December 28, jazz group Rule of Four will perform on Saturday, January 2, and jazz and blues artists Zoe Schwarz and Rob Koral will sing on Saturday, January 9.

All of the shows will be free to view and there will be a virtual tip jar that will allow the audience to tip the artists.

Chris Berwick, general manager of the festival, said: “We are excited to be back putting on live shows again and being able to work with an incredible variety of artists from across Europe. We’re adding new shows all the time and believe there will be something for everyone to enjoy."

Peter Davis, artistic director, added: “This winter offering gives us the opportunity to help support musicians and artists during this difficult period and we are thankful that we can use some of the backing that we have received from the Arts Council to help to continue bring live music to audiences."

All of the performances will be streamed on the The Harwich Festival of Arts’s Facebook page and details can be found via harwichfestival.co.uk.