YESTERDAY MPs voted on the Government’s strengthened tiered system of coronavirus restrictions.

Labour abstained the vote, but there was a large Tory rebellion from the backbenches of Government.

Despite the rebellion, Boris Johnson’s strengthened tiers was backed by the Commons which means 99% of England will enter the toughest Tier 2 and 3 restrictions, preventing them from mixing indoors with other households when the second national lockdown ends on Wednesday.

The House of Commons voted by 291 votes to 78 – a Government majority of 213 – for the new restrictions on Tuesday evening.

Fifty-five Conservatives rebelled over the measures, with 52 voting against the Government, a further two acting as tellers for the noes and one formally abstaining.

Here is how our MPs voted:

  • Will Quince, Colchester - FOR
  • Priti Patel, Witham - FOR
  • James Cleverly, Braintree - FOR
  • Bernard Jenkin, Harwich and North Essex - FOR
  • Giles Watling, Clacton - FOR

Mr Watling has warned he could withdraw his support for the Government's tier system if Covid-19 restrictions for Essex are not eased in the coming weeks.

Mr Watling voted in favour of the Government's new tier restrictions in the House of Commons on Tuesday.

He said: “I am uneasy at any restrictions given my libertarian leanings.

“I voted against the 10pm curfew, supported calls for more scrutiny over the governments Covid powers, and I backed the calls of Essex County Council to leave lockdown and enter the lowest Tier 1 restrictions – I was disappointed to hear that we are about to enter Tier 2.

“However, even with my track record of being something of a rebel, I did vote with the government.

“This was done with a heavy heart – if we don’t drop the R rate now, then we could see yet another lockdown, which will be even more harmful to the economy and people’s mental health.

“Some people have asked me to just back scrapping all restrictions – at this stage I consider that dangerous, with the virus still prevalent in some areas.

“Other than being a jobbing actor, I have been a pub landlord, a small businessman and much more; so I know how extremely damaging these rules are.

“I am simply backing the course which I hope will prevent another national lockdown.

“However, I will keep arguing for the quickest and most comprehensive unlocking as possible.”

Two south Essex MPs did vote against the new restrictions.

Rayleigh and Wickford Tory MP Mark Francois and Jackie Doyle-Price, Tory MP for Thurrock, voted against the move.

The Tory revolt was a significant increase on the 34 who rebelled against the second lockdown during a vote last month and the 44 who defied the Government on the 10pm hospitality curfew.

A further sixteen Conservative MPs had no vote recorded for them on Tuesday. While some will be abstentions, others may have had valid reasons for being unable to vote.

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