TENDRING has been revealed to be one of the worst areas for sight loss in the country, according to the latest data from the NHS.

Opticians website Book An Eye Test has compiled a list of the Top 10 places in the UK in which people have the poorest eyesight.

Sight loss is defined as being full or partial loss of sight, and temporary or permanent blindness, in one or both eyes.

North Norfolk tops the lists, with 5.45 per cent of people living with sight loss, but Tendring has also crept into the list with nearly 7,200 people with sight loss.

This makes the district the 9th worst area in the country for sight loss, with 4.84 per cent of its 145,000 residents living with poor vision.

Commenting on the findings, Katie Memory, director and managing partner at Memory Opticians, believes the results are not surprising given the average age of residents.

She said: “The research shows that the places with the highest levels of sight loss are mainly situated in rural or coastal areas.

“This is not surprising, as these areas are typically home to ageing populations, who often show higher rates of sight loss compared to younger generations, as sight loss increases gradually as we get older.

“This also explains why, at the other end of the scale, large cities with younger populations such as London and Manchester contain fewer people suffering from sight loss.”

You can view the full list by CLICKING HERE