DRIVERS and passengers somehow walked away unscathed from a horrifying crash despite two vehicles being completely written off.

Essex Police were called to Thorpe Road, Kirby Cross, at about 2.30pm on Monday, following reports of the car crash.

According to eyewitnesses, the incident occurred roughly between the Mossla Indian Restaurant and Hokkaido Chinese and Japanese Takeaway.

Officers arrived to find the front ends of both vehicles entirely smashed in as a result of the impact. 

Firefighters were also called to the residential street to assist the police.

The road was blocked off to prevent other drivers from travelling through the debris of the wreckage.

Despite the severity of the crash, no drivers or passengers needed to be cut out of the two cars, and paramedics from the ambulance service did not attend the scene to provide any treatment.

A spokesman for the Essex Fire Service said: “Our crews were called to Thorpe Road, Kirby Cross, at 2.38pm on Monday.

“On arrival firefighters reported two vehicles were involved and no-one was trapped in their car and crews left the incident in the care of the police at 3.18pm.” 

PC Toby Wilde, who assisted in overseeing the lengthy removal of the two ruined vehicles, said: “Thankfully nobody [was] seriously injured.”

He did confirm that both of the cars were write-offs.

One eyewitness, who lives in Walton, said she passes through where the crash happened every morning and evening, going to and from work.

She said she was forced to divert as a result of the crash. 

Speaking anonymously, she said: “I missed the crash, but I would normally go that way to and from work, so it could have been me.

“It looked like a nasty accident, near the Indian restaurant, and I heard it was bad - drivers speed everywhere."