ESSEX witnessed a huge surge in anti-social behaviour during April - when we were all staying inside due to the global pandemic.

However, the city saw a slight decline in overall crime rates in comparison to the same period a year ago as a result of the the country being in lockdown. 

Through the analysis of data, we are able to bring you a side by side comparison of crime rates. 

Anti-social behaviour reports skyrocketed by an extra 1,785 during April which is a significant increased compared to the previous year. 

From the data it is clear to see that the rate of shoplifting also a dramatic shift being reduced by nearly a third due to non-essential shops being closed. 

The figures also show that the number of drugs related reports increased to 748 at the height of lockdown. 

The total number of crimes reported in Essex during April 2019 was 17,574 whilst in April 2020 the number lowered to 15,869. 

Search through the table below to find how many crimes were reported on your street during the height of lockdown.