COMMUTERS to Chelmsford will enjoy a greener bus scheme as improvements to the park and ride take place.

Work on the Chelmsford park and ride building, in Sandon, will make the popular scheme more environmentally friendly.

Ground works have started that will make it possible for a state-of-the-art wind turbine to be installed on the site, powering the lighting, machines and display boards on the site.

The foundations are the first step in the plans, with Essex County Council hoping to install the turbine late this year or early next year.

The turbine is expected to save around 6KW in energy a year at first, the equivalent to running a kettle non-stop for 133 days, with saving of 15KW expected in the long run.

Solar panels and underground heating are already present at the site, providing the building's hot water and heating.

Councillor Norman Hume, who looks after the county's highways and transportation, said County Hall and other council-run site already use renewable energy.

He added: "Now the park and ride site will be as well and I hope, by setting an example in this way we can show that it's possible to help the environment and save money."