A BRUTAL thug beat his ex-partner after dragging her by the hair and threatening her with scissors.

Jake Pittaway has been jailed for two years after admitting criminal damage, common assault and possessing a bladed article.

The 22-year-old carried out a sustained campaign of threats and abuse to his ex-girlfriend at an address in Chadwell St Mary last year.

The offences took place outside her home. She ended the relationship five months before the incidents.

On September 29, Pittaway went her flat during the night and smashed her window.

She dialled 999 and he ran away when police first arrived but came back shouting that he had cut his neck and wanted to come in.

She had never known him to self-harm before. She called police again and he ran away.

On October 8, she was returning to her flat and heard steps behind her and saw him come in through the door. He was accusing her of being a “grass” by calling the police.

He pushed her in the back causing her to fall to the floor.

He stepped over her and got into the flat and she could hear banging and crashing inside the flat.

After he left, she found he had pushed things over and damaged items. She then no longer felt safe to live in her flat and moved in to live with her mother.

On October 26, she returned to her flat to get some more clothes. She was dropped off by friends in their car and she walked to the flat.

However, Pittaway was already there, waiting for her to appear. He walked out and she was shocked, she had not expected to see him there.

He pushed her down and then grabbed her by the hair, dragging her away from the door while holding a pair of scissors which were around 20 centimetres long.

She immediately started screaming and was crying, desperately asking Pittaway not to hurt her, as she knew he had previously been sent to prison.

Basildon Crown Court heard that her actions as “fighting for her life”.

He struck the car next to them with the scissors and then punched her even though she begged him to stop.

A neighbour intervened to say she had called the police. When Pittaway became spooked, his victim managed to run back to the van where her friends were and get in so they could drive away. She believed he was drunk at the time.

He was later arrested, and admitted his crimes.

Mitigation for Pittaway told the court that he had been struggling with his own mental health and was remorseful for his actions.

It was said he never wanted his ex-partner to come to court to give evidence.

Sentencing Pittaway, of River View, Grays, Judge Samantha Leigh told him: “She did not feel safe in her own property because of your actions. She was petrified by that situation.

“You must understand the impact that would have had on her and what she thought you were going to do.”