A FRUSTRATED father has been mocking parents who park in family spaces … for having invisible children.

Simon Harris, 36, from Hockley has been slamming the thoughtless parents for supermarket parking politics.

He said it’s light-hearted humour and calls for more work from the major stores.

His efforts in handing out leaflets about parents who have what he calls, Visibility Deficiency Syndrome, have gone viral.

The social media manager's campaign has divided opinion, with many parents praising Simon for highlighting the issue, while some claim there are bigger fish to fry.

He said: “I’ve had lots of abuse over it, with people saying I need to be thinking about disabled spaces, and I think it’s the same issue.

“People should not be abusing disabled or parent parking spaces, but I am passionate about parents spaces.

“I decided it would be funny to say people do it due to having invisible children, I could be doing it in an angry matter but I’m keeping it satirical.

“It comes from anger about having trouble finding parking spaces at supermarkets.

"It seems people think it’s not ok to abuse a disabled parking space but is acceptable to use a parent space without children.

"I think the supermarkets should be doing more about this.

"If parents cannot find a parking space, the store could lose customers, as we will just else where.

"The shops need to be making more of a stand with more than just signs in the car parks."

He first began leaving flyers cars back in July last year and has continued ever since.

His pamphlet reads: "VDS Awareness. Got kids with Visibility Deficiency Syndrome? Support is out there.

"You don't need to struggle alone!'

The accompanying photo shows a stick man parked in a parent and child parking space flanked by what he calls invisible children.

Now the dad-of-three has launched an online campaign to go alongside his flyers, inviting parents to contact supermarkets and complain themselves.

He posted a status on his Facebook page, Man Behaving Dadly, on said: "Enough is enough! It's time for supermarkets to step up.

"Parents in Britain are sick and tired of 'parent and child' spaces being abused by those who do not have children, and let's face it - you don't care.

"You have the authority to apply 'charges' in the same way that any private car park operator can through adequate signage and having an attendant on site, and you don't bother.

"You know full well that this member of staff would quickly pay for themselves due to the sheer number of people who still take the p***.

"Step up guys. There's money to be made by doing the right thing here, and surely every penny is vital now, right?"