WE are heading towards the end of January, already a month into the year.

Many people would have made New Year’s resolutions, a lot them would have had something to do with healthy eating and more exercise! How are we getting on with that?

I really enjoy walking. It provides an opportunity to get outside, enjoy some fresh air and see places I haven’t seen before.

Getting outside is good for the body, mind and soul of anyone who takes the time to do it.

Many schools have 15 minutes per day to intentionally get outside to get fresh air and exercise with the aim to improve the physical, social, emotional and mental health and wellbeing of children – regardless of age, ability or personal circumstances. Thousands of schools have signed up for the Daily Mile which encourages the children in their care to spend 15 minutes in the school day walking or jogging.

The benefits have been amazing and there have been improvements to physical and mental health.

It might be because the teacher says it’s what they need to do, but children are taking time to improve their physical and mental health every day.

We won’t all have someone telling us to do it, but can we make the effort to do the same. There are 96 blocks of 15 minutes every single day. Can we use one of them to get outside, go around the block and breathe in some fresh air? We cannot run on empty; our physical and mental wellbeing is important. We are important. We have 48 weeks left of 2020, let’s make the make the most of them.