A MAN has been acquitted of slamming a door into a paramedic’s leg.

Steven Snowden stood trial charged with assaulting an emergency worker during an alleged incident on Canvey last year.

The 42-year-old was alleged to have lost his temper when a paramedic, Matthew Hood, told him that a friend who he had called them about did not need to go to A&E.

Mr Snowden had phoned 999 on January 18 with concerns for an elderly man in a flat.

Paramedics attended but after giving the man care at the scene, stated he would not need A&E.

It was alleged Mr Snowden became angry at this and shouted at the paramedic, before shoving his front door into his leg.

However, Mr Snowden always maintained he never meant to cause any physical harm to Mr Hood.

His barrister, Peter Clark, grilled Mr Hood in the witness box, saying he had been angry at a wasted 999 call and was trying to justify that he had become frustrated with Mr Snowden when speaking to him later on.

Mr Hood denied this and stated he felt the situation between him and Mr Snowden was escalating.

However, after several hours of deliberations, a jury found Mr Snowden not guilty of the charge.

When the verdict was announced on Friday, Mr Snowden became emotional with relief in the dock.

Judge Samantha Cohen thanked the jury for their service and discharged them, and wished Mr Snowden “all the best” for the future.

Mr Snowden, of Gafzelle Drive, Canvey, walked free from court on the day.

He thanked the judge for presiding over his case.