SINCE when did being in the jungle become so friendly ?

There hasn’t been enough bickering for my liking in I’m a Celebrity this year - not least because it is a bit dull when everyone gets on.

The very few occasions it has looked like there might be a proper old fashioned quarrel, there has been a lot of effort to diffuse situations and apologise.

Everyone was quite miffed about Andrew Maxwell having a nap instead of doing the washing up but it was all dealt with in a very amenable and grown up way in the end.

Bit boring that really.

Equally boring is voting for the same person to do the trials - I think we have established Jacqueline Jossa will cry and scream a lot when faced with such a situation.

Then she will crack on and get the job done.

So let someone else have a go before we reach for the remote.

I am also starting to seriously doubt the amount of contestants who declare themselves scared of spiders and assorted creepy crawlies are actually telling the truth.

I have a sibling who is chronically scared of leggy critters.

There is no way for any amount of cash on this green earth she would even step foot on a plane heading for that jungle, let alone put a helmet full of giant versions of them on top of her head.

She physically could not do it.

Even watching it on the television is hugely difficult for her.

And I should imagine this would be the case for most people who honestly have an aversion to certain species.

Even closing her eyes and thinking of Krispy Kremes would not help.

This doesn’t stop my enjoyment of I’m a Celebrity.

It is a proper guilty pleasure of mine.

Irreverent is often what you need viewing wise - it helped me through an intense period of very little sleep when my daughter was newborn and now it always starts on the weekend of her birthday.

I know there are some questionable aspects about it, and justifiable concerns about how wildlife might be treated.

Deciding not to get contestants to eat live insects as a trial may well be a step forward but there is probably a long way to go.

I’m not sure how pleasant being held in someone’s mouth, even if they are not being consumed, would be either now we are on the subject.

And I know Ant and Dec continue to divide opinion but I think this would be much duller without them.

Holly Willoughby admirably stepped in last year when Ant was indisposed but was no match for the easy banter and chemistry the Geordie pair share.

To coin a phrase from that other top duo Vic and Bob, they have cornered the market on mucking about and “having a daft laff” together.

Dec looked a bit lost without Ant and now normal service has been resumed, his spark has returned.

Everyone seems much jollier all round really.

I could almost forgive it for not having anyone being obnoxious although Ian Wright has added a soupcon of grumpiness to proceedings when needed.

This week the gang were rewarded with their annual trip to the Jungle Arms where we were treated to some karaoke.

Top moment being Roman Kemp having no memory of the words for Gold - the song which has mainly contributed to his privileged upbringing.