A PAIR of naughty elves took to the streets causing mischief as part of a Basildon toy firms’ annual campaign.

The elves were spotted in London as part of the Elves Behaving Badly campaign event by Basildon based company PMS International Group PLC.

The iconic elves are back and after being banned from the North Pole, Elfie and Elvie have landed in London to show Londoners just how lewd, rude and outrageous they can be, ensuring that Christmas kicks off in the most badly-behaved way possible.

The life-sized Elves were seen in London’s streets and on the Tube, to give residents and visitors something to gasp about, pranking unsuspecting members of the public, giving out their own Playelf magazine and causing a scene.

The troublesome duo also encouraged Londoners to get pranking with their own Elves Behavin’ Badly dolls and accessories.

From the North Pole to the Northern Line, these two have been up to no good and determined to disrupt the streets of London as much as possible.

The naughty pair were spotted across London on Monday November 25.

Families are set to rush and buy the popular elf toys which are priced from £3.99 and are available at most major retailers.

The campaign is encouraging families to share pictures of their badly-behaved elves using the hashtag #ElvesBehavinBadly.

Elves Behavin’ Badly has grown each year and what started out as a bit of fun has now become a nationwide Christmas ritual.