A TEARFUL mum has spoken about how plans to bring home her injured son have been halted at the last minute. 

George Stephenson, 22, from Canvey is in a critical condition and remains in a coma after falling 20 feet from a hotel balcony in Ibiza.

A fundraising page set up to support George, and his family has already collected more than £18,000.

His mum, Marion Stephenson, 52, said: “We were hoping to get him home last Sunday but an air bubble on his brain has delayed this.

“He had surgery to remove a blood clot on his brain and this caused a air bubble, he had a CT scan last Thursday and it found the air in his brain.

“The doctors had hoped it had cleared and we are having more tests in the next few days to find out if the air bubble has gone and then we can look to bring him home.

“We won’t know when we can start the process of bringing George home until we know the results of the latest tests.

“He is communicating a bit with us and can open his eyes and squeeze my hand.

“The doctors are bringing him out of the coma for a few minutes about twice a day.”

She said her son becomes agitated when he is woken from the coma as he can’t understand what is happening to him or why he is in hospital.

The devoted mum added: “We are unsure if our insurance will cover the costs to get him home and I have signed a disclaimer to say we will cover the costs.

“The support has been phenomenal, I can’t say thank you enough and to everyone personally but it means so much.”

George fell from the balcony at Hotel Playasol Mare Nostrum and is currently in a coma in private hospital Policlinica Nuestra on the island.

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