A DISABLED woman whose home floods EVERY TIME time she has a shower is calling for urgent action.

Christine McIlroy, who lives on Parkhurst Road, Basildon, has been staying in the “unlivable conditions”for the last three months.

The 63-year-old who is registered as disabled, suffers from fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, and has nearly slipped over a number of times due to the flooding, which happens whenever she turns on the shower.

She said: “I only had my heating sorted on Monday and the bathroom has flooded since I moved in; I’ve been there for three months.

“I’m so fed up of having to mop up every time after I’ve had a shower.

“I moved from my old property to this bungalow to make life easier as I couldn’t climb the stairs due to my arthritis, and I was on the bidding system for two-and-a-half years - now I’m stuck with this and the kitchen just isn’t suitable for my condition.

“It’s dragging me down now, and I’m not getting anywhere.”

Her daughter, Michelle McIlroy Garwood, worries about the impact which the issues are having on her mother.

The 40-year-old, from Pitsea, said: “Mum doesn’t want to come home because of the state of her house; many nights she’s spending in tears and she’s getting so depressed. It’s soul destroying to watch.

“It’s unlivable. The amount of times she’s nearly fallen over because the water soaks the entire floor and goes into the hallway, it’s getting quite dangerous.

“We have no idea why this is happening. We complained to the council when she first moved in, and then to the council leader again at least a month ago, but we’ve not heard anything and nothing has been done.

“Mum has made a list of times she’s been asking for help.

“A man [from repairs contractor] Morgan Sindall came out once and said he’d come back for water testing, but never did.”

Michelle continued: “She’s having to store food under the kitchen sink, and has arthritis in her wrists, shoulders, hips, knees and hands, so it hurts her to bend down to get in there.

“When she asked to have a kitchen upgrade and made disabled friendly, she was told that she couldn’t because the person who owned the home before refused to have it re-done, so they won’t do it until next time round, whenever that is.”

A Basildon Council spokesperson said: “Our repairs contractor, Morgan Sindall, has met with the tenant to hear her concerns and is working with the council to look at how they can be resolved.”