A FLYTIPPER who left bags of rubbish strewn around a woodland has been prosecuted.

In November 2018, residents alerted Chelmsford council officers to fly-tipping in the wooded area next to Melbourne Park.

Investigating officers found bags and boxes full of general household and recyclable waste.

The fly-tip was traced back to Craig Lilywhite of Cheviot Drive, Chelmsford.

Mr Lilywhite was asked to co-operate with the council’s investigation, but failed to do so and was prosecuted.

The case was heard at Chelmsford Magistrates Court on July 25. He was given a £400 fine and ordered to pay £372.28 in court costs.

Jude Deakin, cabinet member for greener Chelmsford, said: “Woodlands are a place where plants and wildlife should be allowed to thrive, where people can relax and where children can explore through play. The selfish act of fly-tipping doesn’t just make an area look messy – it’s hazardous to wildlife and passers-by and pollutes our environment. This case sends a strong message that we will always investigate environmental crime.”