ESSEX MPs were today celebrating after Boris Johnson was elected as the new leader of the Conervative Party and the country’s Prime Minister.

Mr Johnson beat Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt comfortably, winning 92,153 votes compared to his rival’s 46,656.

In his victory speech, Mr Johnson promised he would “deliver Brexit, unite the country and defeat Jeremy Corbyn”.

He said: "We are going to get Brexit done on October 31and take advantage of all the opportunities it will bring with a new spirit of can do.

“We are once again going to believe in ourselves, and like some slumbering giant we are going to rise and ping off the guy ropes of self doubt and negativity.”

His victory was welcomed by Essex’s Tory MPs including Witham MP and co-Brexiteer Priti Patel.

Ms Patel, who has been tipped to become Home Secretary in the new Cabinet, said: “Boris has been given a clear mandate and has energised the Conservative Party during his campaign.

“With Boris as Prime Minister, we have a leader who believes in Britain and who will pursue a positive, upbeat vision for our country.

“Boris has a clear plan to unite our country and deliver Brexit. All of my colleagues in Parliament must now get behind Boris and ensure we can have a unified party and a strong Conservative Government.”

Colchester MP Will Quince who had given his backing to Mr Hunt, said: “A new exciting chapter for the Conservatives begins.”

Braintree MP James Cleverly added: “As someone who backed Boris during the campaign, I’m pleased he has won.

“He had the biggest backing among MPs so he will have a good foundation to deliver what he promised.

"I have known him for ten years and can say he is absolutely committed to delivering Brexit.

“I would love to continue working with him like I did in London and will be ready to serve if I am called upon.”

Clacton MP Giles Watling said: “We have to coalesce around Boris and pick up the pieces and deliver Brexit. We can then get on with the proper job of running the country.”

Both Maldon MP John Whittingdale and Harwich and North Essex MP Sir Bernard Jenkin, have given their backing to Mr Johnson. They did not respond at the time of going to press.