Up to 50 lorries a day cold be travelling in and out of a new quarry proposed close to a well-known Tudor house that is now a popular wedding venue.

As much as 500,000 tonnes of sand and gravel could be excavated over seven years from a 40ha plot of land south of the A1060 (Salt’s Green) in Chalk End, close to Newlands Hall, which will also include the provision for a mobile processing plant.

An anticipated 96 lorry journeys will be made on weekdays and 48 journeys on Saturdays along the A1060, according to a planning application.

It is estimated that it will take approximately seven years to deplete the mineral from the site and backfill the void. An additional 18 months to two years will also be required to restore the site.

The application specifically mentions Newland Hall, a Grade II Listed Building that dates from 1448 situated around 380 metres from the site.

To the south is Mountneys House, another Grade II Listed Building.

The proposal, which has been lodged with Essex County Council, will include a new purpose built, 7.3-metre-wide vehicle entrance which is suitable to accommodate HGVs and enable suitable visibility distances when entering and leaving the site.

A report added: “It is recognised that there may be some negative landscape impact during construction and operation of the proposed quarry, but potential for positive enhancements following the restoration of the quarry.

“The site is located in a relatively isolated location.

“However, we will undertake a review of any plans for major developments that have either recently been approved or are in the construction stage in the neighbouring settlements of Roxwell, Boyton Cross, Farmbridge End, Shellow Bowells and assess whether the cumulative impact would have any significant environmental effects.

“We will also assess the cumulative impact in association with the allocated quarry site to the south.”

Newland Hall has been contacted for comment.