IT is depressing that the new homes to built on the hold Essex County Hospital site can only be for those who already have a house to sell.

Those struggling to buy a first home will be left to go on struggling.

This is the latest in a series of plans and decisions which will make our lives more miserable and difficult.

The aim in our town is always to save or make money.

Last week we were told groups may be charged for using county council parks, such as the Park Run group.

Doesn't the council want its citizens to get fit and have fun with others? Would it rather we festered on our sofas watching Netflix and getting fat?

Then there is the issue of libraries.

Another wonderful community asset hanging in the balance.

Books or more unaffordable homes?

The Ministry of Defence is just as bad over Friday Woods, making it difficult for the public to enjoy this wonderful, beautiful peace, unless they can walk or cycle there.

The car park is to be dug up, concrete blocks and fierce notices are appearing.

If the "large lady walking" sculpture on the High Street were human she would have chronic bronchitis by now, so unbreathable our town air has become, especially in the warm, windless weather.

If she could speak she would be crying out for pedestrianisation and nice clean little hydrogen buses like they have in Brighton and Newcastle.

Come on councillors, Mayor and portfolio holders.

Try to make our town more people-friendly. It's not just about the pomp and the perks is it?

Julia Newhouse

Hamilton Road, Colchester