DISTRAUGHT owners have shared their heartbreak after their pet was viciously killed by another dog.

John Jackson and partner Ellie Rolls have been left devastated after their Chihuahua Milo, five, was attacked by another dog outside their home in Hoover Drive, Laindon.

The attack happened at 10.30am on Monday, while Mr Jackson, 29, was in his front garden with Milo.

He said: “I was outside with Milo when a woman walked around with a greyhound.

“Milo saw the dog, and the elderly woman was very welcoming in him coming over to them. But as soon as Milo got near, this other dog just grabbed him and thrashed him around. He must have thought he was a rabbit or toy, it was terrifying.

“When he finally let go it was like Milo had been torn to pieces. It was just out of nowhere.

“I do feel sorry for the woman, she had adopted it and said it was fine around another dog, but he just went for Milo.”

Mr Jackson took Milo to the vets, but sadly he died later in the day.

The greyhound which attacked him had been adopted from the Greyhound Trust, in Dunton, near Billericay, about four weeks prior. It has since been taken back in by the trust.

Ms Rolls, also 29, said: “We’ve been left absolutely heartbroken. I can’t believe it, my dog has just been ripped away from us. He was the sweetest most friendly dog we could have wanted, he didn’t deserve this.”

A spokesman for Essex Police said: “We were called to reports of an incident where a dog was bitten by another dog in Hoover Drive, Laindon at around midday on June 4 and subsequently died.

“We made initial enquiries and the incident is being treated as a civil matter.”

Andrew Gillian, Head of Operations and Welfare at the Greyhound Trust, said: “I can confirm it was rehomed four weeks ago. The owner and the branch followed all the correct procedures.

“Home visits were carried out with registered staff to home to greyhound.”

He added: “With all dogs we say that we will always take a dog back in no matter the circumstances.

“That’s something we promise for everyone.”