A DRIVER has spoken for the first time to describe the shocking moment he was forced to stop on the A127 by an seemingly enraged Audi driver.

A driver was forced to brake, swerve and flee repeatedly amid fears for his safety.

The alleged incident happened on the A127 between the Bellhouse junction and the Rayleigh Weir roundabout on January 13.

Police recently released CCTV footage and the Echo has spoken to one of the alleged road rage victims who is now scared to drive around Southend.

The 27-year-old, from Chelmsford, said: “I had just picked up my girlfriend from Southend and was travelling to Marks Tey.

“I was waiting at the traffic lights near the Mercedes garage and when they turned green, I set off and I was in a merge lane.

“I checked and there was nothing behind me as I went to move over. Suddenly there was this black Audi driving right up my back end and both the driver and the passenger were gesturing like I had undertook them.

“So I moved over to the left lane at which point he tried to undertake me at the same time so moved round me.”

In the footage, the black Audi can be seen seemingly repeatedly forcing the driver to stop before a man gets out of the car with his passenger and allegedly threatens the driver who is then forced to drive round them.

The man said: “They had already rammed the back of my van. My girlfriend was panicking and was on the phone to the police. I was just trying to keep calm and escape the situation. I didn’t want to hit the car because I didn’t know if it was stolen and if I had accidentally hit one of them and killed them then I would get locked up so I just focused on getting away.

“The police told us to pull over so they could find us but I refused to stop until I was far away.”

Officers have since discovered the Audi was stolen.

The driver added: “For about two weeks after, I wasn’t sleeping and was panicking every time I got in the car.

"There was a bit of relief when we got away but you never know if they have mates or something that could have been following us to where we were going.

"Now I always make sure I’m two car lengths away from anyone and am constantly staying in the left hand lane, especially if I’m driving around Southend.”