A paramedic has been struck off the medical register after being found guilty of misconduct.

Laurence Milton worked for the East of England Ambulance Service between April 2003 and August 2016, but resigned shortly after allegations of incompetence against him were made by two student paramedics.

At a hearing run by the Health and Care Professional Tribunal Service, Mr Milton was found to have not administered adequate care whilst treating a patient who was in a cardiac arrest.

The tribunal found he did not assess the patient’s cardiac rhythm on arrival, did not carry out CPR in a timely manner, did not attach defibrillation pads to the patient and did not adequately carry out Advanced Life Support procedures.

He also asked the two student paramedics, who raised concerns over his conduct, to insert a thin cannula tube into the patient’s bloodstream, claiming: “It’s OK, you can do it on my ticket”.

The tribunal found there was not enough evidence to prove he said: “I hope we don’t get a return of spontaneous circulation because I have already told the wife he is dead and we are just doing this for show for the family”.

The former senior paramedic had an initial six month suspension extended twice before being struck off at the final hearing.

A tribunal report states: “The panel considered it had little choice but either to once again suspend the registrant, or to remove him from the register.

“The only purpose of further suspending the registrant would be to allow him more time to reflect, show insight and demonstrate remediation.

“The panel considered it was not sensible to continue the review process where it appeared that the registrant was unwilling or unable to remediate his failings.

“In the absence of appropriate remediation or insight, or any evidence the registrant was prepared to engage with any further conditions placed on his registration, the panel decided the appropriate and proportionate sanction was to make a striking off order.”

Mr Milton emailed the regulator saying he had retired and wanted be removed from the register.