A HOST of approaches including a new flyover, an underpass or a new roundabout are being considered for Chelmsford’s notorious Army and Navy junction.

The dedicated task force have ruled out “simply fixing the flyover” and will look at ideas to improve traffic problems at this “key gateway” into the city.

Members of the task force, including Chelmsford MP Vicky Ford, met to discuss key objectives, funding and the timeframes for delivering any changes to the junction and the flyover.

The potential for a variety of approaches have been pitched including examples of flyovers, underpasses, new connecting roads and the roundabout as well.

The design, planning and development of any scheme is likely to take a number of years and will require further funding to be secured.

Kevin Bentley, Essex County Council’s deputy leader and cabinet member for infrastructure said: “We all know that there is no easy solution to fix the traffic congestion at the Army and Navy junction – if there was a simple solution it would have been done. We have some very experienced engineers looking at a variety of ideas to give Chelmsford a better future transport solution at this crucial junction.

“There are a number of different approaches we can take, some of which may not require a flyover at all.

“What is clear is that simply fixing or replacing the Army and Navy flyover with a one or two-way structure, without considering the alternatives, will only encourage more traffic through the junction and put further pressure on the road network.

“We need to consider all possibilities.”

Mrs Ford said: “The city continues to grow, and what we do at this junction will be a vital part of ensuring that growth in the city, and the wider region, is sustainable.

“In order to develop the right scheme the big picture needs to be considered, which might mean reconsidering some existing options.”