A LIFESAVER has received nationally recognition after jumping into to action to help a man who suffered a sudden cardiac arrest.

Theresa Winter came to the assistance of a gentleman who had collapsed while walking his dog in White Hart Lane in Chelmsford.

Theresa was honoured at the SADS UK Annual National Lifesaver Awards for taking action to help save the gentleman’s life.

The Lifesaver Award was presented to Theresa by the charity’s Patron Dr Hilary Jones, of Good Morning Britain.

Theresa was driving along the road when she spotted a man, Colin, lying on the grass verge on the opposite side of the road.

She immediately did a U-turn and leapt out of the car. She quickly assessed that the gentleman was in cardiac arrest, there were signs of agonal breathing and he was unconscious.

Theresa said: “We had him back by the time the air ambulance team arrived.

“It was a beautiful moment when his pulse returned.”

Upon arrival of the East of England Ambulance Rapid Response Vehicle Theresa supported the Paramedic in prompt defibrillation and in continuing the resuscitation attempt. After the 4th defibrillator shock and just before the Essex & Herts Air Ambulance Critical Care Team arrived, his heart started beating again.

Theresa quickly handed over to the Team and continued on to Basildon Cardiothoracic Centre for her shift as a nurse.

Tony Stone, Helicopter Critical Care Paramedic with Essex & Herts Air Ambulance said: “Theresa quickly started CPR having recognised the patient was not breathing effectively. These actions, without a doubt, ensured that the patient’s brain was being oxygenated effectively despite his heart not beating and gave the patient the best possible chance of survival.”

As a cardiac nurse Theresa suspected that the gentleman, Colin, would be under her care at the Essex Cardiothoracic Centre. She was right, he was referred to unblock a blood vessel in his heart.

Colin said,‘I don’t remember anything of the day I collapsed but when I first met Theresa and she told me the story I was amazed. Someone must have been looking after me that day. I keep thinking – what if I had walked a different route, or gone later – Theresa wouldn’t have been there. Thank goodness my guardian angel was there!’

Colin is married with two grown up children and is now doing well after bypass surgery and having an internal cardiac defibrillator fitted.