AN INFANTS school is working with a charity to hold life saving training sessions.

Writtle Infants School has installed a community public access defibrillator and is holding a defibrillator training session commences on Friday November 16 at 2.30pm

The school is working with the cardiac charity SADS UK.

Anne Jolly MBE, Founder of SADS UK, said: "‘SADS UK is pleased that Writtle Infants School will have a defibrillator available to restart the heart if there is a cardiac arrest.

"SADS UK works with schools and the community and highlights the fact that as schools are a major hub in the community they should have defibrillators in place to save lives.

"Using CPR alone provides a five per cent chance of survival but early use of the defibrillator as well increases the chance of survival to more than 50 per cent; this is why SADS UK is so passionate about putting this lifesaving equipment in schools and the community."

For further information about funding research into SADS or placing a defibrillator in a community contact Anne Jolly, SADS UK on 01277 811215, email, or see