AN ANIMAL activist has told of the shocking moment she rescued nine kittens who had been dumped in the street and were nearly run over.

The kittens were dumped down a country road with no bedding, food or water to help them stay alive.

A driver spotted them after nearly running them over and put out an appeal for help on social media which was spotted by an animal campaigner who lived nearby and wanted to help.

The woman, who has asked to remain anonymous, said: "It was late in the evening when I got a call from my daughter about the kittens. Within seconds I was out the door and on my way to help."

The litter had been dumped in Crows Lane, South Woodham Ferrers and the appeal for help was seen by thousands on social media.

Chelmsford Weekly News:

"When I arrived, the people who had found them didn't know what to do. There was no box or bedding to protect the kittens. They were just huddled in the road - it was shocking to see.

"They were clearly freezing cold as some of them were shaking and in a bit of a mess so I couldn't leave them because anything could have happened.

"They could have died of exposure and that's if a badger or fox didn't get them first."

The woman, who lives nearby, said another good samaritan came to help with bedding, food and a box and all nine were bundled into the back of her car and taken home until the RSPCA could collect them.

She added: "They made themselves right at home. There was a little tabby who I didn't think would make it through the night so I spent it cuddled up with him in a blanket.

"They were clearly dehydrated because I have never seen kittens drink so much in my life.

"I spent the night cleaning their ears and their eyes and making sure they were ok.

"They were all litter-trained which was good but that's the shocking thing - they looked cared for. They definitely weren't feral. I have no idea why someone would dump them.

"The RSPCA said it was going to be hard to raise a cruelty case because there's no evidence about where they came from.

"Apparently it's becoming common practise round these parts.

"They are beautiful loving kittens. They didn't look neglected and that's why it's so hard to understand. Thank god they were found before something happened to them.

"It's just a bit of a mystery and a very sad one at that. To dump them the way they were is just so cruel."

The kittens, who are about 13 weeks old, have been taken to the RSPCA centre in Baddow and will be available for adoption in a couple of weeks.

For more information, contact the RSPCA at