A CHELMSFORD university student is starring in a new social media campaign after overcoming severe bullying as a teen.

Daniel Rees, 32, is currently studying at The Open University (OU), towards a BA (Hons) degree in Law.

Daniel currently features in a social media campaign, which form part of the OU’s new Open Diaries campaign. The campaign lifts the lid on what it’s like to study with the OU through the inspiring stories of its students and graduates.

Daniel went through a particularly challenging and difficult time during his teenage years after he had to drop out of school as the result of being bullied.

Daniel said: “When I was in secondary school I really enjoyed learning but unfortunately, my school experience wasn’t great due to bullying.

As a result, I actually left school to study at home as I couldn’t face being in a school environment. I did think at that point that my educational dream was over.”

“The Open University gave me the confidence and skills to progress in my career and appearing in the new advertising campaign is something that would have seemed impossible to my former self.

“My advice to anyone considering OU study would be to believe in the OU and believe in yourself, because it will take you far.”

Daniel works as a full-time tube driver at Transport for London, however, he has always longed to return to higher education.

He said: ““I was really excited to start learning with the OU. I thought this is my chance to finally get my degree!

“The first module I did was completely taught online. However, there are opportunities to go to tutorials and meet with your tutors face-to-face, too. I found every single one that I went to extremely helpful. They give you all the help that you need – it just works.

“I work full-time, alongside living with my husband and my dog. I also volunteer on my days off, so that leaves me with one day a week free to do some studying. I also tend to get to work around an hour or two early before each shift to squeeze some studying in, which means that my days off can be spent with my family.

“It’s so flexible, and an Open University degree is looked on favourably by employers too, because you have to be very self-motivated and disciplined to complete it.

“Studying with the OU has really opened my eyes up to a new world that I would never have had access to before. It has really boosted my confidence and given me the courage to start exploring other career opportunities.”