A SMALL group of caravans still remain after a council gave the convoy 24 hours to leave last week.

The traveller encampment in Stock Road, Galleywood were given orders to move on by Chelmsford City Council on Friday morning, where around ten of the 15 caravan convoy moved off the common near to the A12.

However, a small collection sill remain.

A spokesman for Chelmsford City Council said: "As of the morning August 6, there are approximately three to four caravans still on the site south of Stock Road.

"The Essex Countywide Traveller Unit (ECTU) has been notified and will continue with legal proceedings to remove the encampment."

An encampment has made home on a new area not far from the previous encampment.

The council spokesman added: "We have also been made aware that there is an unauthorised encampment across to the north side of the A12 onto Galleywood Common.

"The council are working closely with ECTU who will continue with legal proceedings to ensure the site is returned to its intended use as soon as possible.”