A police officer has been sacked after lying during a search for a pedestrian walking along the A12.

Stanway Traffic officer PC Joanne Jeggo was the subject of a police misconduct hearing in Harlow between Monday and Wednesday. 

She was accused of lying about asking for additional information from a police dispatcher after being called to reports of a man walking along the A12 near Hatfield Peverel.

PC Jeggo and PC John Simpson were dispatched to investigate reports of a man, Kyle Brooks, walking alone on the road.

They carried out an unsuccessful search and later filed incident reports in which they claimed they had tried to find out more about his location.

Mr Brooks was later struck by a vehicle and killed.

A hearing in May 2016 had also found the officers’ conduct in relation to the search for Kyle Brooks amounted to misconduct.

At the same hearing, their response to the allegations, which included statements that were determined not to be true, amounted to gross misconduct and they were both dismissed.

Chelmsford Weekly News:

Kyle Brooks was killed on the A12.

Both officers appealed this decision successfully and the original decision to dismiss them was overturned.

The other officer subsequently retired and the matter against Pc Jeggo was re-heard this week.

PC Jeggo was found to have breached the standards of professional behaviour, in particular paragraphs relating to honesty and integrity and duties and responsibilities.

Following the outcome, Superintendent Ditchburn said: “We meticulously considered the information presented to us, and we are in no doubt of PC Jeggo’s previous standing as an officer of exemplary character.

“The panel was told of her conscientious and hardworking approach to her duties and heard how she was regarded as trustworthy by colleagues of all ranks.

“However, on this sad day in October 2014, PC Jeggo seriously breached the standards of professional behaviour amounting to gross misconduct, and the correct and proportionate sanction is dismissal without notice.”