More than £12,000 has been raised in memory of an 18-year-old who tragically died while on holiday in Croatia.

18-year-old Aidan Stevens, of Orsett died after being struck by a car while on holiday in Croatia on Sunday night.

Now the community has banded together to raise £12,000 in a bid to help Aidan's family bring his body home, and support his funeral costs.

Now his parents, Barry Stevens and Debbie Quilter, who are currently in Croatia, have issued a heartfelt thank you to the community.

Barry said: "Aidan was such a bright, sensible, kind, thoughtful, giving and loving towards he's family and friends he knew what he wanted and worked hard to get it.

"At the moment as you can imagine the whole family are in shock and my self devastated by what as happened but I am truly taken back from the support that we have got from the community, family and friends the British embassy in Croatia have been excellent.

"No one should have to go through anything like this but having friends, family, and so much support as helped a lot in this devastating time.

"If you can please let everyone know that I appreciate all there effort and love you all for helping my family."

The fundraising page read: "We are doing all we can to raise money towards Aidan's funeral costs and to help his family at this sad time.

"He was an amazing and kind young man and he deserves the best. Any donations no matter the amount would be greatly appreciated.

"Sadly Aidan passed whilst on holiday in Croatia. This GoFundMe is not only for the funeral but to get Aidan back home to the UK. Thank you everyone for your support"

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