A FAMILY is celebrating after they finally had some good news and picked up £700,000 on a scratch card.

Amelia Flack, who is a mother of five, bought the National Lottery Winning 777 ticket from Tesco in Great Notley.

The 38-year-old, who lives in Braintree with her children, said the win was particularly welcome after a rough period for the family.

She explained: "My eldest daughter has ADHD and learning problems, my six-year-old was born with fluid on the brain and underwent surgery at 16 weeks, and my eldest son and youngest child both have a form of blood cancer.

"While the eldest is thankfully in remission, his three-year-old brother is currently undergoing chemo and we are waiting on a bone marrow transplant.

"Hospital visits and managing medication are part and parcel of our daily life.

"This win can’t magically improve my children’s health, but it can make their quality of life so much better and give us all much needed security and peace of mind."

The mother explained that her first priority was buying a home close to her own mum in Chelmsford.

She said: "I currently don’t have my own room and have slept on the floor for the past six years so the children can sleep in beds - my own bed will be luxury enough for me.

"I’m also going to take us all on our first holiday because until now that’s been a pipe dream beyond our grasp.

"It won’t be anything grand, maybe a caravan park on the coast, but being able to see my children carefree and happy will be the best part of the win for me."