A couple were jailed over the death of their baby who died from a mystery brain injury after being found soaking wet in their flat.

Tragic Ah’Kiell Walker was discovered naked and freezing cold at the family home and died the following day.

A CT scan showed bleeding within his eyes “consistent with shaking a baby”, fractured ribs and a broken shoulder.

Last month his dad Alistair Walker, 27, was convicted of manslaughter and mum Hannah Henry, 22, convicted of causing or allowing the death of their three-month-old.

Henry, from Chemsford, was cleared of manslaughter after a five-week trial at Bristol Crown Court but both were convicted of cruelty to a child under 16.

Alistair Walker was jailed for 10 years for manslaughter and three years for child cruelty, to run concurrently.

Hannah Henry was jailed for four years for causing or allowing death of child under 16 and concurrent two years for child cruelty.

Weeks before Ah’Kiell’s death Walker had Googled a number of search terms about baby constipation and how to deal with it.

He had also searched “baby broken ribs” and “jailed father locked up as baby’s ribs broken”.

Walker tried to place the blame on paramedics who attended, and told the court: “He was made worse by the critical care. They put him into cardiac arrest. That’s not an attack that’s a fact.”

Henry denied knowing her son was injured and said: “I never noticed him in pain. If I knew he was in pain or hurt, then I would have taken him to the doctor.”

The tot died in the Intensive Care Unit at Bristol Children’s Hospital from an unsurvivable brain injury.

Doctors discovered scratches on his bottom and Walker was quizzed about whether he had sexually abused the baby.

He denied it, claiming he used cotton buds to “squeeze” faeces out of Ah’Kiell.

Both defendants denied the charges against them and claimed they were unaware of the other harming the child, who was described as a “happy” baby.

The couple had money problems and Walker lost money at a betting shop the day before Ah’Kiell’s death.

Henry had sent WhatsApp messages to her mum, including one which said: “He’s so horrible to Ah’Kiell.

“Don’t know how he does it.”.

Judge Sir John Royce called Walker a “controlling and manipulative bully”.

Sentencing the pair, Judge Royce referred to an incident in which Walker had broken some of his four-month-old son’s ribs around four to eight weeks before Ah’Kiell’s death.

The judge said: “It is clear to me that it was you, Alistair Walker, who broke Ah’Kiell’s ribs with considerable force. I am satisfied that you knew you would have broken those ribs.

“A series of revealing images and links recovered from your phone included ‘shaken baby’, ‘rib fracture and children: what you need to know’, and ‘baby broken ribs’.”