A YOUNG singing star is ready to return to school after a whirlwind adventure on Britain’s Got Talent which ended with him opening the final show.

Calum Courtney, ten, from Basildon shot to stardom after reaching the final of the competition, finishing ninth.

He first gained the love of the public after a video of him singing in Asda in the Eastgate Centre went viral late last year.

Calum has since had tremendous success and although he didn’t win, he is destined for a great future, according to the judges.

Proud mum Tupney, 34, is positive about his future.

She said: “At the beginning we were very worried about whether we should let Calum do it because he is so young, but he was desperate and I’m so glad we did.

“It has been the most amazing experience, I never thought it would be as great as it has been.”

Calum performed a medley of chart favourites including songs from Avicii and Christina Aguilera.

Although he did not make it into the final three, Calum received a lot of support from his competitors throughout the show, with one very important vote from this year’s winner, Lost Voice Guy, known as Lee helping take Calum to the final.

Tupney said: “Lee voted for Calum on Tuesday and we have all been voting for each other throughout the competition.

“We are all in the same hotel and have had such a great time together, they have all treated Calum so well and I hope we don’t lose touch with these amazing people. We have no idea what is next, we just want to return to normal after the past six months we have had. Calum only performed on a stage for the first time a year ago.”